ABOUT ME… I always find it hard to begin writing but, this page is a must.


My name is Andreea, I am a Romanian that lives in UK. I work in a hospital so my shifts are always hectic. I like gaming and I hate it in the same time because when I do it… my life surely passes by. I use to have a blog a few years ago when I was, let’s say, at the top of my game but not anymore. The blog is still there just inactive.

Now… about how Chalky Wood began:

I’ve played in my head for a few years now with shabby chic furniture and was dreaming on finding a few vintage items that I will transform in desirable pieces.

My plan did not go as expected, even though, 3 years ago I purchased a small table with a broken leg for a stunning 50p and another coffee table, probably from around 1950 for 4 quid… all good plus, I even got the best paint there was (as per advice): Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the Clear Wax… thus, as you see, I was pretty determined, but got nowhere with it.

Meantime, life continued and, my items were getting dust on until 2 years ago when I FIXED the small table that had a broken leg! Yey!!!!!! At least I did something 🙂 but then, I have sold my paint when I discovered how easy you can sell things on e-bay and… that’s how my story finishes…

Or not!

I recently got myself 3 mighty weeks off work that were taken for a reason but then again… life happens and I just had 3 weeks to kill at home. I decided not to despair and, at first, I cleaned the house… then, I sold some old items I wanted to get rid off but… still had 10 days to go. Lucky for me, the weather started to cheer up and, having the sun keeping me company meant that carboot sales are happening.

If you never been to one then at least for a walk it’s worth it, even if you won’t buy anything.

Anyway, my story seems to be way to long now but that’s what triggered a buying spree of a few furniture items, pretty garbage to begin with, but I was set to get painting seriously this time: furniture – set, paint/wax, clear acrylic spray – set, wood filling, brushes, wood glue, sandpaper – set. Most likely there were a few more bits but this is what got me started.

If I’d add up everything with trying to go cheap as well, I did spend around ÂŁ200… now I will see if the only profit I get out of it are the days I enjoyed painting.

If you won’t have anything to do… and get a few minutes to check my adventure, stop by and I will try to keep my blog active… Obviously, now I have a few pieces done and I will try to squeeze in writing their story.


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