Must have – Silverline 225816 Wallpaper Smoother 280mm

When I first started playing with furniture I was a complete noobie and, probably, I did not pass 5% in knowledge… Anyway, one of the issues I had was with decoupaging wallpaper on plain surfaces. I have watched videos and everyone was using an expired credit card or anything with a flat edge that was making easier the entire process of smoothing the surface and removing air bubbles.

My first attempt was on a shelf used in my bathroom. The colour scheme is white, blue and natural wood (the floor). My shelf was… well, black. It looked bad but, it did the job in holding my toiletries. Long story short I have painted it, distress it and wallpaper it!

The initial idea was to put the wallpaper on the back but, the way the shelves were build didn’t allow me, thus, I had to change my plan.

Before and after picture (not my best project but… it works for now)

10168958_10205987539359082_1673039083_n raft baie

On this project, I discovered that my expired card is not enough. Was too small for the surface I had to cover, plus… if I was removing the air bubbles from one side they were emerging nearby. Ultimately I did finish it but, I was considering in buying something more adequate.

That’s how I found Silverline 225816 Wallpaper Smoother 280mm. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to where you can get it at a ridiculous price – £1.20 with VAT included.

My purchase was from and, even at the price of £2.50 + VAT it looked cheap.

wallpaper smoother

I do feel a bit like crying now… but, it’s only my fault because I should have looked properly for a better price.

Why am I so delighted with this item? Well, today I have finally glued the wallpaper on my first project – HERE. The picture you saw previously was with the cut just on top of the table because I wanted to see how it looks. When I did try to put it, taking air bubbles out and smoothing the surface was terrible. The entire piece of paper broke and I had to sand the top, coat it with a sealer (had red leather under it and it was bleeding in the paint) and… finally… put the new piece on.

This time, the entire process took 5 min because my new wallpaper smoother is amazing!

So… if you need a wallpaper smoother for any plain surface don’t hesitate to get this! The edges are a bit soft and it doesn’t scratch the paper. We all know that paper with any watery substance will make it soft and can easily break… but, not with this tool! Also, it is big enough (28 cm) compared to a bank card to save you not only time but also, money… considering that a piece of paper can get ruined by using inadequate tools.

Until next time… happy DYI!


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