2 Chairs makeover for a shabby chic look and coffee table

I thought I will have time to post more, but that’s not the case… between hospital hours and house chores I don’t have too much time for my projects but I need to try more in the future…

For the past week, I have been working on and off on 2 chairs brought from eBay for a fiver and one small coffee table. The end result:

11200905_10206056794130408_7221682358258779433_n copyNow… the story ūüôā

After my previous experience with chalk paint, wax, and homemade chalk like paint I kept looking for more options on what I could use for a better end finish. That’s how I discovered Little Green¬†Paint. I was very excited and soon was looking for a place to buy it but I didn’t really want to pay the price… obviously the quality you can’t expect it to be cheap!

That’s how I found on eBay 1l + postage for just 10 quid. This was the paint that I used on chairs: Boxington 84 – a reduced lime with added red iron oxide.¬†Here you can see a before and after picture.

11168545_10206056964654671_8840660735578917286_n copy11227946_10206056792690372_1636200610558991497_n copyEach chair had around 3 layers of paint and I didn’t do too much fixing either; I only needed to add a small amount of filler on one edge.

After the paint dried I did sand it a bit and applied 2 layers of Polyvine. I don’t know if it was necessary, but it can’t hurt. For the seats I didn’t want to spend too much money and was considering 3 fabrics that I had in the house:10410660_10206012949874329_607902589662053404_n 11429865_10206012806030733_8825326634476768984_n 11647424_10206028829991322_475236209_n

None of them really “winked” at me, so I ended up purchasing the Paris motif cotton linen. Was only 6¬†¬£¬†plus 1.30 ¬£ postage but¬†it does add up…11059894_10206056790290312_7709370568452928261_n copy

I do love the final result! and I wished I had more space in my house to fit these items, but unfortunately I don’t, thus it will have to go for sale.

Now… The table comes from a set of 3 vintage tables that I got at a car boot sale and this is the middle one. I have no idea the manufacturing year, but I do think is somewhere 1950 maybe and is possible a reproduction with hand carved legs from what I can tell.

I can only show here the end result because I forgot to take a before picture but is pretty straight forward on the steps I did to make it look like this: clean, prime, paint, stencil, coat…

10984251_10206056792530368_1217184903210732543_n copy

Now, the story of the paint is again about how I got a bargain. Was at work and had one of those rare moments when I can spare 5 min and was again on eBay looking at paint. My lovely colleague saw that and mentioned that she has a 2.5l Little Green paint in her car… Price? 15 quids! Yey… is gonna be mine! ¬†It was Little Green Intelligent Mat Emulsion¬†in Welcome 109. I thought the white was a bit too bright and too boring so to start with I mixed some acrylic light purple in that didn’t do much, then… I have added some ultramarine blue (lip safe) colour from my days when I was doing handmade soap. It worked like a charm although, I did add 2 tablespoons for 200 ml of emulsion. The end result you can see it and is amazing! I feel like doing all my next projects with this shade.

The top stencil was purchased on Amazon from Americana Decor. This was my first time trying a stencil on furniture and I did learn a few things:

  1. ¬†make sure the piece of furniture is positioned correctly! Don’t do it like me the other way around and then I had to go over with primer, paint, top coat again.
  2. if you use an acrylic black (like I did) DO NOT cover with Polyvine… it will smudge (you still can see it a bit in the pictures). I sprayed a thick layer of ¬†Plasti-Cote 1138 then, after drying, I did a coat with Polyvine for a mat effect and at the end of the day this also have added to the protection and, most likely, is a hard wearing top table!

I leave you with a few more pictures:

11666199_10206056798010505_2803771874250704855_n copy 11665565_10206056789610295_3169272538896119727_n copy 11350503_10206056787050231_8474723943127109478_n copy 11350436_10206056793650396_1549654785844474328_n copy 11235430_10206056789090282_5518630477005900094_n copy 11214280_10206056792170359_8812057435843044822_n copy 11209534_10206056791770349_6520216259151098552_n copy 11214075_10206056785570194_773014945601459206_n copy 11201910_10206056787410240_6976763013063371555_n copy 11052483_10206056789770299_1600654257903795037_n copy 11202435_10206056789970304_6046882426372329248_n copy 10984251_10206056792530368_1217184903210732543_n copy 11026126_10206056791450341_7434618296416896051_n copy



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