Improvised cups holder and kitchen cabinet

I live in a rented house where the kitchen is extremely small. I did not have too many options because my main priority was a house close to my workplace. That being said I need to manage with what there is and… to find a place to store/organize my cups. I love my coffee time and in time I managed to gather more cups than I actually need.

First, I have stored some away that will probably go on freegle or something and for the rest… I needed a place…

The only space I could have fit something was on a small wall near the door that goes in the garden and was completely empty. Lucky me, my landlady was ok with drilling holes in the wall so what I did was to get 2 coat hangers for 1 quid each and a small cabinet that I think is mostly for a bathroom… but for 1 quid as well I didn’t care much because I NEEDED storage space.

10462511_10205979801565642_4793593640479909471_n copyHere are the coat hangers that are not exactly as I wanted but hence I did not have any black paint I decided to leave the hooks as they were. This was a 5 min job plus 30 to have the paint and the protective coat to completely dry.

My second step was the cabinet that had more screws than I suspected, but after removing all the hardware I was left with:

11121054_10205977134138958_1023175396_n copy Unfortunately, this was not a 5 min job but it was done in around 8h, counting the time to dry and screw everything back.

11350422_10205979585280235_9043160498476008583_n copy

End here is my updated corner:

11138103_10205979559519591_2316079208011079525_n copyNot perfect but it works. Probably I will paint the hooks black at some point but not today 🙂



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