Garbage display cabinet makeover – shabby look


When I purchased my next project I thought I’ve seen something in it but once I got home I realized that I even payed money for garbage…

10580088_10205817252862026_6969319687929726979_n10995490_10205817254062056_2487405176686971897_n 11205028_10205817250781974_189311701299109267_n 11266433_10205817253182034_7677806980709183491_n I had very little hopes in changing the look, plus, it was in such a bad shape that I didn’t want to use the chalk paint I had….
I went back to the mighty internet and I found out there are ways in doing your own chalky look paint. After checking what I have at hand, I did the recipe with sodium bicarbonate: 2 parts mat finish interior wall paint + 1 part sodium bicarbonate. Mix them very good, add water if needed and that’s it, plus… The price is 1/10, maybe less per litre.
Having the paint done I start repairing the cabinet and filling up the wood.

63457_10205817257262136_7236490939456291153_n 549297_10205817256062106_1873680132173720556_n 11060887_10205817255542093_4534575486292308522_n

The white filling is done with my 1 quid poudland filler but after sanding I noticed it wasn’t enough, plus where I had big holes the filling was falling apart. The cream shades you see in the pictures and from  Ronseal wood filling. This time I had no problems covering properly.

My next step was to paint using my homemade chalky look paint. I applied 2 layers of white then I went ahead and put some blue acrylic paint and a drop of black. Also, I made sure to have enough for at least 2 coats.

11329781_10205817144339313_1215574195229484542_n 11330033_10205817144739323_3899758686444959046_n 11351305_10205817143779299_4960075754887012884_n

After sanding, I absolutely loved the look! I do need to apply a coat of wax or another sealer, but I think I will leave that for another day. Overall I was very pleased with the paint as well.



  • 2 parts Crown Matt Emulsion Brilliant White (I had 25 l in my shed for ages and although was a cheap one I think it did the job)
  • 1 part Sodium Bicarbonate
  • water as to get a pancake consistency.

Next time I will try with calcium carbonate.



    • HI, and thanks for stopping by. If you want to create your own colour with acrylic paint bear in mind that the shade you see in the pot will be very close to what you get after sealing it with wax or clear spray. If you have an emulsion paint with a certain colour that you like use it… 🙂


    • I know… Annie Sloan is crazy good but the price is kinda silly. On my last project, with the chair I have used Little Green Intelligent Emulsion and I think it’s better. No need for waxing, thus saves time and money. Plus, you can always buy it on ebay for 1/3 of the price.


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