First project – small coffee table shabby chic

Welcome to my first post and my first contact with this whole process. I will try to make a rule with listing what I used, what I did and what went wrong. All this will be pictured most of the time.

What I used

  • Chalk White paint  Rust Oleum from Homebase – £12.99. You can also find it on Amazon but is a bit more pricey
  • clear wax  Rust Oleum from Homebase – £8. Also can be found on Amazon
  • 1 brush (had a nr1 on and was part of a set I got for… 99p
  • sand paper (mine was a 10cm piece Dulux. I will write later on about my experience with sandpaper)
  • clean cloth
  • wood filler (from poundland – £1. Was ok hence the table only had small cracks but I don’t recommend it for filling up deep cracks on the edges or missing wood)
  • small spatula to use the wood filler (mine was from a painting set and did the job perfectly).

1. Clean the piece and check to see if there are scratches, cracks, deep marks
2. Fill up where is needed (use instruction given on the package)
3. Wait to dry and check after the time written on the package
4. Sand down to have everything at the same level
5. Dust it. I used an extra dry brush to get everything out especially from corners then went over it with a cloth
6. Paint first layer. It really doesn’t matter if it looks smooth or not
7. Wait to dry
8. Apply a second layer and wait for it to dry. Give it a good 1-1.5h
9. Distress it using the sandpaper (99% of everyone I watched or read from says to do it after waxing because of the dust. I prefer to do it before if I need a small retouch, but that’s me.)
10. Dust it!
11. Apply the wax! Wait 10-15 min then buff it with a cloth. An old t-shirt will do just fine.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures for all the stages but, will be more detailed on my next posts.
If you’ve never done it before don’t be like me and wait 3 years to do it! Just set a day and go for it!

First person from Reading, UK that message me will receive a small shabby chic table (not like this one). This is to sort of to celebrate that someone has read my post 🙂
Make the wood CHIC!



  1. 🙂 Thank you. It’s pretty basic and easy but it’s the first item with a redo so it had to be here.
    I was actually surprised that some one got to see my first post on a newly created blog.
    Enjoy your day!


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